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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 12:18 PM
 I got tagged by :iconPandacorn6:

I'm to lazy to follow rules. :x

-what's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
I've too many crazy dreams, but the recent one I can remember is I'm in a little wooden shack in the middle of nowhere at night, there's 2 people with me that I dont know, I look outside and there is a flat cold desert floor, you can only just make out a horizon of where the sky meets the floor just barely. From afar I see this spear of light, the contrast is startling against the deep heavy blue hues in my dream. Next to it is a giant, a big etheral being standing next to it. followed by 2 more giants behind him, but not as big as the first on is. In the shack we keep the light from inside the shack hidden from the outside. We're afraid that it might attract the giants.

Wierd ass dream. xD

-what does your user name mean?
It means that I'm a devious cow. haha

-fav fairy tale? (original ones, not Disney)
Disney likes to take fairy tails they dont own and make it there own. Like Rupunzel the actual fairy tail is hella depressing. At least the variation that I heard of. Not that I'm complaining, I love disney. xD

I like the Hans Christians the little mermaid, Although I never actually read any of his work, I probably wouldnt understand it. It would probably be like reading Shakespeare for me. In Hans version it's depressing as hell if you read it. But if you read a brief biography of his life, some of his work has hidden homoerotic connotations. Like some believed His version of the little mermaid is that he fell in love with a man he couldnt have, intern, wrote his story about the mermaid who could not have the prince.

It's really sad, but romantic... in a sad sad way.

-fav oc of urs? 
Nope... haha.

-what's the oc with the most complicated backstory in ur collection?
All OC's I have are unfinished.

-do u prefer a game with a good story or lots of action?
A good story, you could have all the action on there excellent graphics, excellent fighting system, but it wouldnt matter to me if it didnt have a good story. I love game lore. @__@

-if u did nothing creative, (art,stories, ect) what would be ur hobby?
I read romantic smutty novels. I eat that up.

-song u can't stand? Why?
Shaggy- It Wasn't Me.

It annoys me.

-do you typically like the antagonist in a story better than the protaganist? Why
Never thought about it.

- love story or action flick?
Action flick. :)

Cows cows COWS GALORE!!!! :D 

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